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Hanuman Zombireddy

Zombie Reddy combo started new movie ‘Hanuman’

Zombie Reddy combo started movie Hanuman

Zombie Reddy director Prasanth Varma and lead actor Teja Sajja started another project called Hanuman. This movie Pooja cermony started officially with an event in Hyderabad. Producer C Kalyan did the first clop and Siva Sakti Datta did the first shot direction. K Niranjan Reddy is producing this film under Prime Show entertainment. This movie will be another action entertainer like Zombie Reddy. Today they completed the official opening and pooja ceremony for Teja Sajja’s new movie Hanuman. The movie shoot will start in the next month July and remaining cast & other details will announce officially very soon.

Hanuman  pooja cermony

Prasanth Varma’s Hanuman movie Heroin, casting, music, and other details

As the director and hero have super hit film Zombie Reddy in their combination the expectations are high again on this combo. Director Prasanth Varma is doing different movies from his debut Awe to Zombie Reddy. So this will be another experiment from Prasanth Varma. Teja Sajja also received a super hit film as lead actor in his career through Zombie Reddy. Later he did a love story but it not impressed much so again he is moving with Prasanth Varma for another hit film. Hanuman will be the first Super Man film in the Telugu language directing by Prasanth Varma.

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