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Samantha’s choice for Manoj Bajpai’s role from Tollywood

Samantha’s choice for Manoj Bajpai’s role from Tollywood

Samantha did her first Hindi project through the Family Man 2 web series. This is going to release on June 4 on Amazon Prime Video. Family Man season 1 got fabulous success and now the movie makers Rak and Dk are coming with a bang. The season 2 trailer released on YouTube and received 50 million hits along with controversy from Tamil people. In season 2 makers targeted the Tamil and Srilanka issue. So a lot of opposition from the Tamil people. Minister from Tamil Nadu wrote a letter to ban the streaming of this web series.
Family man season 2 Samantha

Family Man Season 2 from June 6 on Amazon Prime Video

The maker’s Raj and DK who belongs to Andhra gave a statement that a lot of cast and crew belongs to the South and especially belongs to Tamil so we don’t spoil the beautiful culture of Tamils. You will appreciate it after watching the web series they mentioned. Samantha also started a promotion for Season 2. In the latest interview, they asked about who can suitable for the Manoj Vajpai role from Tollywood. She said her uncle Nagarjuna. Nag recently did ‘Wild Dog’ movie as an NIA agent and he nailed it. She also mentioned that she had scare to work in Bollywood and her desire to work with Ranveer Sing.
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