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S R Kalyana Mandapam movie Hit or Flop, Rating, Budget, and Review

S R Kalyana Mandapam Hit or Flop, Rating, Budget, and Review

Movie Name: SR Kalyana Mandapam

Release date: 06/08/2021

Director:Sridhar ghade

Actors: Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar, Sai Kumar and Tulasi

SR Kalyana Mandapam is the second movie for Kiran Abbavaram who had introduced with village love story Raja Vaaru and Rani Vaaru.
That movie made decent success and had good reviews from critics. Kiran Abbavaram himself wrote the story for a mass entertainer. Sai Kumar did a lengthy role in this movie. Sai Kumar and Kiran are father and son who don’t talk for a decade. Kiran Abbavaram fell in love with Priyanka Jawalkar. But what things made Father and son come together to fight against the odds.
SR Kalyana Mandapam images

SR Kalyana Mandapam Review hit/flop positive points

  • Kiran Abbavaram Stunning acting as a young lover boy and emotional son.
  • Sai Kumar in the father role acted in the different entertaining and emotional roles too.
  • Beautiful Priyanka Jawalkar screen presence
  • Love scenes and comedy scenes

SR Kalyana Mandapam Review hit/flop Negative points

Has negative points too
  • .Not an out and out entertainer
  • Mass scenes that are not suitable all the movie
  • The slow pace here and there

SR Kalyana Mandapam HIt/Flop final verdict

Overall the film will bring a feel of watching a complete film and interesting emotional scenes will make you entertain yourself. Those who like regular commercial movies will like this movie definitely. We during the lockdown almost 6 months stuck at the OTT platform can go and watch SR Kalyana Mandapam.
SR Kalyana Mandapam is showing good results at box office and collected 5+ Cr at the box office.
Rating: 3.00/5.00


  1. In this movie the Highelet one is that two songs only 1is chukkaka chunnikee 2is chusale kallara. These two songs I have seen. But over all songs are nice

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