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Rashi Khanna in Prabhas’s new movie

Rashi Khanna in Prabhas’s new movie

Rashi Khanna did several films in Telugu but not achieved star heroin status. She still not acted few star heroes like Prabhas, Mahesh, Pawan… More. She used to act with medium-range heroes so far. Rashi Khanna now looking for a solid movie where she wants to act with the top hero to get more stardom. Rashi Khanna is now doing few films Hindi. Now the buzz is that Rashi Khanna is going to act in Pan Indian hero Prabhas’s movie. Prabhas is going to do a big project with Nag Aswin and Deepika Padukone is doing the lead actress role in this movie.

Rashi Khanna and Prabhas

Rashi Khanna is Nag Aswin upcoming movie

Rashi Khanna also doing an important role in this movie. Even though it is a small role Rashi Khanna wants to act in Prabhas’s movie. This movie is not only Pan India level it will be international level as Nag Aswin said in previous interviews. Rashi Khanna now committed a web series in the direction of Raj and DK. She also doing few Tamil movies. Recently she committed a movie with Gopi Chand in the direction of Maruti. Gopi Chand and Rashi Khanna acted previously in the ‘Jil’ movie which becomes a stylish entertainer at the box office. Let’s see Rashi Khanna in Prabhas in the few coming years.

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