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Rashi khanna as psyco killer
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Rashi Khanna as Psyco Killer for Bollywood web series

Rashi Khanna as Psycho Killer for Bollywood web series

Rashi Khanna had a good debut film Uhalu Gusa Gusa Lade, where she introduced this Panjabi actress as bubly girl. From the beginning, she is doing such cute roles, but now she is acting for web series. Rashi Khanna from the beginning acting with medium-range heroes only. She had only one movie with Big hero ‘ Lava Kusa’ Now the news is there that she is doing a movie with Pan India Star hero Prabhas but it will happen in 2023. So meanwhile she is accepting several films and web series.

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Rashi Khanna in web series for Hot star and Netflix

She is doing a web series for Netflix under Raj and DK, who had the recent blockbuster web series Family Man season 2. In this web series, she is sharing the screen with Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupati. Also doing one more web series for Hotstar where she is going to appear as Psyco Killer. Rajesh is directing this web series and Ajay Devgan is doing an important role in it. It will stream from July 21st on Disney Hotstar. She is also doing movies in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Recently she got the offer in the Maruti movie ‘ Pakka Commercial’, Gopi Chand is the main lead in it.

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