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Ram Pothineni neck injury
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RAPO 19 shooting stopped due to Ram Potineni’s injury

RAPO 19 shooting stopped due to Ram Potineni’s  neck injury

As we all knew Energetic star Ram is doing a film with Tamil star director Lingusamy and Krithi Shetty is doing as the lead actress in this film. This shoot started three months back and going successfully but the shoot is stopped due to an injury to main lead Ram Pothineni. He shared that picture on social media and mention that let’s take a break or take a break. In that picture, it seems that he is suffering from neck pain as he had the band on his neck. There is news on media and social media that Ram was injured in Gym while working out. So the movie team halted the shoot and offered enough rest to the Ram. Devi  Sri Prasad is giving music to this movie. Previously, they had enough movies in their combination. Irrespective hit or flop all the songs in their combination got success. The production team is making this film on a high budget and Ram Pothineni fans have huge expectations after the average delivery of RED.


Ram Pothineni Neck injury images

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