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OTT Deal for Venkatesh Narappa and Drishyam 2 movies

OTT Deal for Venkatesh Narappa is 40 Cr and Drushyam 2 movie is 36 Cr

‘Narappa’ is the most awaiting movie from Tollywood after the second wave. But the producers chose the OTT to release instead of theatrical release as the exhibitors demanded. Producer Suresh Babu straightly answered that it was his choice to choose the platform to display his film. He took it from a business point of view. Venkatesh another movie Drushyam 2 also going to release on the popular OTT platform Disney hot star. Hot Star offered an attractive amount of 36 cr. For Drushyam 2. Venkatesh fans are not happy about releasing of his both films on OTT. But Venkatesh also thinking from the business point of view and the pros of the OTT platform.
Venkatesh wraps Drusyam 2 shooting

OTT release of Narappa and Drushyam2 Telugu movies

If a good movie is displayed on the OTT platform it can be say a blockbuster instead of counting the collections. But one drawback is that they won’t get any extra money from the profits to the producer. But he will stay in fixed profits. As per the industry buzz, Suresh Babu sold Narappa for 40 Cr. This movie may be done around 25-30 cr. So the Suresh Babu is directly jumped over the break-even and has above 10 cr profit. Drishyam 2 is low budget film but sold to Hot star for 36 cr. So it will be a more profitable project than Narappa.
Narappa’s official trailer was released today and it got good positive talk for Venkatesh’s appearance and intense acting skills as Narappa. Got appreciation a few dialogues from Narappa movies.


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