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Mimi movie review
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Mimi is hit or flop and Budget on OTT Netflix

Mimi is hit or flop and Budget, review & rating on OTT Netflix

Krithi Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi acted MiMi released on July 27tj on the world popular OTT platform Netflix. Sai Thamhamkar and Supriya did important characters in this film.
Laxman directed this film and Rehaman gave tunes for this film.
The story of this film is the story of the girl Mimi who belongs to a small town and wanted to be a big celebrity. Pankaj Tripathi who did as a taxi driver offered a big amount of money to Mimi and Mimi should accept surrogates for an American rich couple. Then see the twists in the tale on Netflix.
Mimi movie review
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Mimi movie hit or flop: Plus points

Positive Points:
Krithi Sanon’s de glamorous role as door next girl. Krithi Sanon’s acting in the second half.
Pankaj Tripathi acting and his style of comedy are pluses to the success of this film.
The new point of Surrogacy showed in an emotional way in this film.

Mimi movie hit or flop: Negative Points

Negative Points:

Predictable story
Logic less in fewer things here and there in the film

Mimi movie hit or flop: Final Verdict

AR Rahman’s music and songs are good. The small-town atmosphere is realistic.
An Interval scene is another positive thing to watch immediately if not watched yet.
This film got good responses and reviews from all over the Hindi film lovers. So this stood as a hit film.

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