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Kangana on Sam and Chai divorce
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Kangana Ranaut dragged Aamir Khan into Chai Samantha divorce issue

Kangana Ranaut comments on Chai Samantha divorce issue

Yester Day, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya mutually appealed on social media about their mutual concern on divorce. For a few months, so many rumors traveled on media and social media but yesterday confirmed on the Social media stage. They appealed that they want to divorce each other and thank each other for the past relationship. They also appealed to not damage their privacy about their divorce. Fans got shocked and the media is covering the same issue for the last two days. Now, queen, Kangana made comments on Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s divorce issue and she dragged Aamir khan into this issue. She mentioned that one Bollywood star suggested Chaitu take divorce and partway with each other.

Samantha and Chaitanya divorce

Kangana Ranaut on Samantha and Chaitanya’s divorce issue and dragged Aamir

Kangana Ranaut used to make comments on anyone boldly and she took the opportunity to make comments on Aamir Khan. She once again commented on Aameer and she told that the Bollywood star has the habit of using girls and giving divorce. She used this chance to blame Bollywood star again. There are so many stories are running on Samantha’s divorce issue. All the media is blaming Samantha for this divorce and they are projecting Chaitanya as the innocent guy. Both Samantha and Chaitanya requested privacy on this issue but the media is cooking stories continuously.

Kangana Ranuth coments on Samantha and Chai divorce

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