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Family man on Amazon prime video
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Interesting info about ‘The Family Man’ web series

Interesting info about the ‘ The Family Man’ web series

Now Family Man web series season is on trending worldwide and received the biggest blockbuster hit. Manoj Bajpayee and Priya Mani acted in the main roles and Samantha Akkineni acted in the powerful role. Samantha is the key factor in the success of season 2. Family Man web series season 2 is the biggest hit than season 1 and Raj Dk is getting good appreciation from all Indian web series fans. Samantha Akkineni appealed in Raazi’s role as a Tamil soldier she excelled in her role and getting appreciations from all Samantha fans.

Family man directors Raj & DK

Family man Season2 is the biggest hit on Amazon Prime Video

Now info is circulating about this web series season 2 on social media that Raj Dk planned season 2 story before completion of season 1. But they took 2 years to release Family man season 2 in 2021  Generally story writers will complete the first season shoot and stream. Later they will think about season 2. But here they took much care on the story and got good success. They are very confident about the story of the Family man series. They have recently a good hit on the OTT platform in the form of the small movie, Cinema Bandi. Now what they are getting all the appreciation, they deserve to get all compliments so far. Now the makers are working on Family Man’s season 3 story work.


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