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DR. Rajashekar Announces 92nd Movie
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DR. Rajashekar Announces 92nd Movie

Hero DR. Rajasekhar delights fans by announcing movies. Two days ago, on the occasion of Rajasekhar’s birthday, it was that Shekhar’s 91st movie First Look was released. Rajasekhar has recently an announcement regarding his 92nd film. 92nd film under the direction of the makers of the super hit film ‘Gatam’. Kiran Kondamadu directed this movie.

The film will be jointly produced by Shivani-Shivatmika, Srijain, Bhargava, and Harsha. The 92nd movie team announced that the movie will be released in 2021. The 92nd movie team will be released the poster for the film. The poster can see a drug poster, glasses, bullets, a gun, and a newspaper. It makes sense that this film would be an action thriller. expected Rajasekhar will be seen as a police officer role.

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