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Brandy dairies Review
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Brandy Diaries – Hit or Flop, Review and Rating

Brandy Diaries – Hit or Flop, Review, and Rating

Movie Name: Brandy Diaries

Release date: 13/08/2021

Director: Sivudu

Actors: Sunitha Sadguru, Naveen Varma, Srinivas, Ravindra Babu, and  Dinesh Madna

Brandy Dairies is the story of 5 men who used to discuss their problems and struggles with each other. The main character is Srinu and he is a Civils aspirant. He also loved a girl but his alcoholic addiction brought more problems into his story.

See in theaters the remaining story and find out whether Srinu got success in love or not.

Brandy Dairies Movie Review hit/flop positive points

  • Realistic performances by actors.
  • Not took any movie liberty and put all the realistic scenes
  • Different Kind of subject
  • BGM

Brandy Dairies Movie Review hit/flop Negative points

Has negative points too
  • .Predictable scenes once all things are set in the story
  • Slow pace scenes

Brandy Dairies cinema Review, hit/flop, Technical Aspects

Prakash music is an added advantage as the BGM is impressive throughout the film. Sivudu story narration and direction are good and he will make more films in the future as he has a realistic approach towards the scences. Production values are ok and it is a small budget film too.

Brandy Dairies HIt/Flop final verdict

Overall the film is about life and its struggles. The director captioned the film with No Message but he gave a beautiful message through the realistic characters. This week one more medium-range film Paagal released in theaters and running well. If anyone wants to see a good film this week go and watch Brandy Dairies.
Rating: 2.75/5.00


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