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Bandla Ganesh comments on Pawan and Akira Nandan photo

Bandla Ganesh comments on Pawan and Akira Nandan photo

Akira Nandan as son of Pawan Kalyan has huge following on social media. Without having a debut film he had a huge fan base but he won’t interested in social media. But whenever he took a photo still and put it on the internet it will become trending on social media. Renu Desai and her daughter were more popular on social media but he is far from media. Recently his photos become trending in Niharika marriage pictures. But yesterday a picture become more trend on social media.
Bandla ganesh on Akira

Pawan kalyan and Akira Nandan in one frame

In this photo Akira Nandan sharing photo space with his father Pawan Kalyan. Now, this still becomes more popular in media. We all know that Bandla Ganesh is a devotee of Pawan Kalyan and he commented on this picture. He mentioned that My God with My Hero. He mentioned Akira Nandan as a hero and netizens are commenting on Bandla Ganesh’s line. They are questioning that whether Bandla Ganesh will make a debut film with Akira. On other hand recently Renu Desai confirmed Akira’s uninterest in the debut film.
Renu desai family photos

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