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Bala Krishna is lining up upcoming 2 projects
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Bala Krishna next movie after Gopi Chand’s movie

Bala Krishna’s upcoming movie details

Balayya is doing films continuously and busy with Boyapati film which is the third film in their combination. They had two blockbusters in their combination like Simha and Legend. Boyapati is doing this movie on a big scale and is titled Akhanda. After this movie, Bala Krishna will join Krack movie director Gopi Chand. Gopi Chand narrated a big action-packed story to Bala Krishna and he is so impressed with the storyline so Bala Krishna will do this action entertainer with Gopi Chand. But Balayya not committee another after Gopi Chand’s movie. Now there is an interesting buzz on Bala Krishna’s next movie that is AM Ratnam wrote a story for Bala Krishna and Sri Vas will direct this movie. Sri Vas previously had a movie titled Dictator. This movie will be an emotional entertainer.
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