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Pradeep in Amaravathi issue
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Anchor Pardeep in Amaravathi issue

Anchor Pardeep in another issue… Amaravathi JAC is demanding his sorry

Anchor Pradeep frequently in news with some issues or loose tongue. Recently again he is news that in a television program Pradeep quoted Andhra Pradesh capital as Vishaka Patnam and this thing makes angrier for Amaravathi JAC who are doing strikes for a year. They demanding Amaravathi as the solo capital for Andhra Pradesh. Jagan Mohan Reddy declared 3 capitals for Andhrapradesh but Amaravathi JAC went to courts. So they are arguing that when it is in courts how Pradeep can tell Vishaka Patnam as capital to Andhra Pradesh. So Amaravathi JAC convenor Kolikalapoodi Srinivasrao demanding apologizes from Pradeep to the Amaravathi people. If it not happened they will attack Pradeep’s house in Hyderabad, they warned him. Let’s see what will happen in the coming hours.

Pradeep Amaravathi JAC issue

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